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March 4, 2013
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Zero--00: Night by Citrus-Lime Zero--00: Night by Citrus-Lime
For :iconzero--00::iconzero--00::iconzero--00:

application by Faiell

I can rp via chat, notes, google doc, skype...etc. I may be slow with replies depending on how busy I am at the moment, but feel free to hit me up if you want an rp! :iconjunesplz:

Warning: Text wall ahead :iconotlplz:

Name: Night

D.O.B: October 2nd

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 168cm ~ 5'6”

Occupation: Private Detective (recently licensed), Part time Student Researcher (volunteer)

Zone: Central

Demonic Weapon:

Chiron | Bow

Form 1 (normal):
Arrows have explosive powers suited for long range attack. They are formed using Night’s energy. Night can generate and shoot up to 8 arrows at once, but doing so would greatly lower the accuracy of her attack as well as tire her out. The time it takes to generate the arrows corresponds directly with the number of the arrows that are being formed.

Form 2 (dual string):
The bowstring can lengthen, detach and recoils around the bow tips to allow multiple arrows to be shot simultaneously (Night can shoot up to 4 arrows on one string and a maximum of 8 arrows using 2 strings).

The bow itself is hard enough to be used for basic blocking in close-range combat. However, it won't provide any significant protection if the opponent's weapon is very powerful (e.g. bullets, weapons that use multiple projectiles, and huge weapons in general). Additionally, she is weak against all magic attacks.


Observant - Even her mentor thinks she has talent in this area. She takes note of many things that the average observer neglects.

Analytical - She can draw relatively accurate conclusions based on her observation, though she also has a tendency to focus on small details and go overboard with her cause-and-effect analysis.

Protective - While she isn't altogether friendly toward strangers, she will do many things to ensure her friends' safety. She may become overly protective, but that only happens with people who are very important to her (e.g. her sister)

Slightly competitive - Having received ample praises from her teachers during her school days, she find it somewhat difficult to hold back the competitiveness in her nature. However, she tries to not get too carried away.

Coldly logical - She always takes the course of action that is the 'best' for the situation, regardless of emotional implications. Sometimes, she takes it to the point that makes her seem almost emotionless.

Stubborn - Night doesn’t like to give up once she has set her sights on a goal. Because of this, she can be very stubborn at times. It takes a lot of convincing to get her out of doing things her way.

Withdrawn - She generally keeps her distance from others. If someone starts a conversation, she may decide to reply out of politeness (but she probably won't carry on the conversation). When she is 'on the job', however, she often puts on a slightly more talkative act to dig for information.

Somewhat cynical - One of the traits fostered by her involvement in criminal investigations. She tends to go for the worse conclusions when it comes to judging a person by his/her actions, all the more so if the said person gave her a bad first impression.

History :

Night was born in Central and grew up as a knowledge-loving ‘bookworm’. Her father, a governmental agent, began training her to follow his footsteps when he noticed Night’s observation skills. Since Night’s father had limited time on his hands, he asked an experienced private investigator (who was also his close friend) to take Night as an apprentice. The friend finally agreed after personally talking to Night and deeming that she indeed had potential. He then became Night’s mentor and later her guardian when her parents passed away.

On the day before her 18th birthday, Night was hanging out with her sister in Zone 3 when she spotted her mentor following two suspicious men onto a train. She tailed them and ended up getting caught up in a train hijacking. It turned out that her mentor was following the two hijackers/terrorists who were planning to bomb Central Station using the train. The mentor knocked out one of the terrorists and rushed to the control room to stop the train. Night tackled the second terrorist to the ground and tried to take his knife away, not knowing that her sister had followed her onto the train. Night’s mentor hit the emergency brake at the precise moment when her sister was running over to help Night, and her sister ended up dying after falling onto the knife that Night had just taken from the terrorist.

Night was born and raised in Central along with a sister who was one year younger than her. Her mother was a neuroscience researcher and her father a government agent (similar to FBI or CIA but less 'intense'). Being intellectuals, they attempted to ‘jump-start’ their daughters’ education by bringing Night and her younger sister to City’s public library every weekend. Reading about things they never knew before made the girls very curious about the world around them. As a result, they picked up plethora of facts from all the books they read. This was particularly true for Night, who never got tired of learning new things.

Fueled by her thirst for knowledge and aided by her extracurricular readings, Night excelled academically when she started school. Being ahead of other first graders, she occasionally wandered into second grade’s classroom and sat in on what she regarded as ‘more interesting’ lessons. Her homeroom teacher initially discouraged this behavior, but soon gave in due to the little girl’s stubbornness. After administering an early aptitude test and discussing the issue with her parents, Night’s teacher allowed the girl to skip to second grade – a move that temporarily made Night 'the star' for her family, especially her sister.

However, skipping a grade halfway into the school year had its consequences. Aside from the awkwardness that came from having a younger student in class, the second graders had already settled into their respective ‘playgroups’. Some of them approached Night out of curiosity, but few tried to hold long conversation with her. As they moved up to higher grades, Night's classmates gradually began avoiding the 'class nerd’. Her tendency to throw out knowledge in random topics only reinforced this image. So instead of interacting with others, she took to silently observing fellow students.

Her sister, however, never stopped looking up to Night. Due to her cheerful and social personality, the younger brunette had avoided the ‘bookworm label’ despite possessing above-average intelligence. Whether it was out of sisterly love or plain admiration, the girl never failed to find time to hang out with her older sibling. Thanks to her, Night progressed through elementary school always having at least one person to talk to. Over the years, their bond strengthened despite the gap in their grade levels.

By the time she entered middle school, Night had improved her observation skills to the point that she can pick out most of the typically ignored details in her surroundings. The teen also began to use the knowledge gained from her readings to make guesses as to what those details mean.

Her parents finally noticed their daughter’s talent during an after-dinner-stroll at the riverbank,where Night spotted an abandoned leather shoe. After examining the object closely, she proceeded to specify the physique and possible personality of its owner based on the size of the shoe, the type of material it was made of, and the scratches on its sides.

Seeing potential in his daughter, Night’s father began teaching her the basics of deduction in case she would be interested in following his footsteps. He also signed Night up for martial arts lessons to improve her self-defense skills. While the girl was still young, her parents believed that it was always good to ‘plan ahead’.

Night's life reached its first turning point during her freshman year in high school. On Thanksgiving Day, her father invited a close family friend over for dinner. The guest turned out to be a professional private investigator, and his stories about his work intrigued Night. Following a long chat with the girl and her father, the older man concluded that Night had potential in the field of criminal investigations, and after a prolonged post-dinner discussion in the living room, consented to give her guidance should she be interested in his line of work. The young teen immediately accepted his offer, excited that she has found an application for her knowledge and skills.

At first, the ‘guidance’ included only weekly visits where Night’s new mentor presented her with basic deduction exercises. After she took her school’s chemistry class, however, her mentor began teaching her the basics behind crime scene analysis techniques. His lessons matched well with the science-based courses offered for her grade level, and with the help of her mother’s biochemistry knowledge, Night developed extensive interest in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

By her third year in high school, Night had progressed to studying records of criminal cases under her mentor’s guidance. A year after that, she began tagging along with her mentor for the less dangerous cases. She had become so busy that she barely had enough time to talk to her sister. Her younger sibling never complained, but Night could tell that the two of them were gradually drifting apart. They would have become even more distant if not for a certain incident.

On a snowy day the winter after Night turned 16, two government agents showed up on her doorstep and informed her that her parents were killed in a plane crash on their way back from a neuroscience conference. The government suspected foul play, but had no proof since the plane’s black box was never found. Everything her parents owned was left to Night and her sister, and her father’s will named Night’s mentor as their guardian until the two sisters reach legal age.

The loss of her parents gave Night a decisive push onto the path to becoming a private detective. Aside from wanting to uncover the truth behind her parents' death, she believed that by putting criminals behind bars, she could forestall, if not eliminate, these kind of tragedies. Unwittingly, she became overprotective of her sister – the only family she had left.

Having decided on her future, Night saw little point in going to college. Upon graduation, she switched to being a full time detective-in-training. The teen followed her mentor on almost every case he was involved in and picked up as many tips as she could. On days where business was slow, she went to the library and self-studied basic college courses. It wasn't as effective as having an instructor, but Night liked this method better since she could learn things at her own pace.

A year passed without incident. Night, nearly 18, had added onto her achievement by solving her first case without her mentor’s assistance. As her eighteenth birthday approached, Night’s mentor gave her a few days off to spend time with her sister. Grateful for the break, the teen decided to bring her sister to Zone 3 on the eve of her birthday.

As they got off the train, the older girl caught sight of her mentor tailing two suspicious men. Curiosity getting the better of her, Night asked her sister to wait for her in Zone 3 as she discretely followed her mentor onto a train heading through Zone 4 to Central station.

Midway through the ride, the two mysterious men showed their true colors as they took out handguns and hijacked the train, setting its controls so that the vehicle ran without stopping. Soon after, the duo extracted wrapped packages from their duffel bags and began placing those rectangular objects around the train’s interior. Observing the careful manner with which the men handle the objects as well as their unusual attention to the time on their watches, Night guessed that the packages contained timed bombs.

The men’s target was obvious – the only heavily populated area that train passed through was Central Station. And to make sure that an explosion occurs no matter what, they had likely timed their bombs to match the train’s scheduled arrival at the station. With the timer ticking off, Night’s mentor had less than 10 minutes to overcome the terrorists, stop the train, and get everyone out of bombs’ blast radius.

Still unaware of Night’s presence, the older detective sprang into action. He skillfully disarmed one terrorist while the latter wasn’t looking and used the handle of his gun to knock out the second terrorist. As her mentor dashed for the train’s control room, the first terrorist pulled out a knife and chased after him. That was when Night joined the fray. She launched herself at the unsuspecting man and tackled him to the floor, pulling his arm back in an attempt to twist the knife out of his grip.

Her mentor shouted for everyone to grab something and activated the emergency brake. The sudden lurch caused the terrorist to pause in his struggles, and Night managed to knock him out with a blow to his neck just as one of the passengers lost her footing and collided into her.

When the train came to a complete stop, she turned around to check on the passenger. Instead of finding a disoriented civilian, the teen found herself staring at her sister’s pale face. Something warm trickled down the back of her hand, and she looked down to see a red liquid familiar to anyone who has visited crime scenes. Her sister had followed her onto the train, had ran up to help her when she went after the terrorist, had lost her balance when the train stopped, and had fallen straight onto the knife in Night’s hand.

What came after was a blur. From what her mentor later told her, her sister had died by the time he came back from the control compartment. And since he had his hands full with evacuating hostages and dragging Night off the train before the bombs went off, the private investigator could not retrieve her sister’s body.

Night’s birthday was spent sorting out the aftermath of the train incident. After recording the hostages’ testimonies, the police concluded that Night’s sister’s death was an accident, and that the teen was in no way responsible. They gave their condolences and commended her for her bravery even though they weren’t impressed with the accident that resulted.

Surprisingly, it took less than a week for Night to settle back into her normal routine. While others applauded her resilience, her mentor noticed a slight change in her personality. The ginger would still smile and frown, but her emotional expressions lacked the dynamics they once had. Ever since the train incident, the older detective had not seen Night cry, yell, or laugh heartily. She seemed to have suppressed her feelings, which could have accounted for her quick 'recovery'. He could sense neither joy nor sadness behind her mostly nonchalant expression, and when she showed anger or annoyance, her glare was considerably colder than the one she used to give.

In an attempt to 'help' his apprentice, the older detective urged Night to volunteer as a part-time student researcher at a local university. She was mostly free on weekends, and working in a different field (especially when it's related to her favorite subjects in high school) once a week would help lower her stress and take her mind off of things. The girl agreed since the position provided a perfect ‘cover job’ in case she needs to hide her detective identity. Thanks to the knowledge she obtained from her training (as well as her mother’s old books), her volunteer request was quickly accepted.

Night obtained her PI license a month before she turned nineteen. Soon after, her mentor announced that he was going overseas for a long-term collaborative investigation on an international criminal. He asked Night to temporarily take over his work in the City, declaring that she was “good enough to stand on her own”. After working out a method of correspondence with her mentor, the female PI agreed to the older man’s request.

Currently, she runs her mentor's (one-man) detective agency in his absence, acting on his behalf to solve simpler cases while routing the more serious requests to her mentor. Everything seemed to have settled into a normal routine, until she woke up one morning to find a strange device on her bedside counter.

Regarding the terrorist attack:
Initially, Night’s mentor was only tailing the two terrorists because he accidentally ran into them and found their behavior suspicious. He only realized that a terrorist attack was imminent after the train departed from Zone 3 station. Of course, with everything happening one after another, he didn’t have any time to call for backup. There wasn’t any point in doing so either since they were on a moving train travelling at high speed.

Regarding Night’s research position:
While it’s research at a ‘university lab’, she’s mostly doing what full-fledge researchers think of as ‘busy-work’ (think internships). She only assists in college freshmen level projects that don’t require very advanced biochemistry skills. The biochemistry knowledge she picked up from her mother’s book (and her mother) is sufficient to carry her through most of the tasks she’s assigned (don’t forget that she excelled in those subjects in high school). Even though she wasn’t a college student, she was a qualified high school graduate. And there wasn’t a reason for the underfunded university lab to refuse volunteers.

Regarding Night’s PI position:
Technically she isn’t carrying on ‘multiple jobs’. She only volunteer in the university lab for a few hours on weekends. And since her mentor's isn’t the only private investigator agency in City, she doesn’t have that many cases to work on – especially when she is mostly just ‘watching the place’ in his absence. Additionally, she only takes simple (and more trivial) cases and mails the more serious requests to her mentor. This leaves her with quite a bit of free time.

Her licensing process wasn’t altogether smooth, but she was able to pass in the end due to her mentor’s recommendations and since she met the requirements for being a PI (at least 18 years of age, 3 years of experience certified by ‘employer’, pass a 2 hr exam and undergo background check. Source:…

Likes & Dislikes :
+Learning new things
+Peaceful environment

-Selfish people
-Rock concerts (They're unnecessarily loud and disrupt her thoughts)
-Unsheathed blades or unprotected sharp edges (kitchen knives, envelope openers, etc.)

Etc :
+'Night' is actually her middle name.

+She doesn't really have a set of clothes that she wears more than anything else, but she does tend to stay away from 'girly' things

+She is ambidextrous (and originally right handed).

+Due to her line of work, she occasionally disguises herself.

+The types of martial arts she practice are jujutsu and jeet kune do (…

+Because of her physique (she's not completely flat, but people only notice if they look closely...), personality, and her choice of clothing, Night often gets mistaken for a guy.

+Both of her irises are red in her zero form. The "eye-patch" on her right eye is a zoom-screen that functions similarly to a sniping scope.

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